Ethics as teaching

  • Trajce Stojanov


Teaching ethics is quite challenging both for teachers and students. For teachers because they shouldembody the values they teach and for students because at the end of the semester they should become betterpersons, otherwise there is no point in learning ethics.In this paper we will discuss these challenges. How to teach ethics and what to teach? What should bethe outcome of that teaching? Is it enough just to know, because there is a difference between knowing thepath and walking the path? These questions greatly depend on how we teach ethics. What is the rightapproach to teaching ethics – this is the main question in this paper that we would try to answer. We willconsider several different approaches and deduce their advantages and disadvantages. To a great extentthese observations and conclusions are based on personal experience as a teacher, combined with variouscontemporary teaching methods and theories.
Jun 16, 2016
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