The spiritual aspect of human development and the education in ХХІ century

  • Eleonora Pencheva


The author of the paper reflects on a new aspect of education in ХХІ century – a spiritual aspect ofhuman development, not from a religious perspective, but rather as a constituent of the wholeness of humanexistence. Education in the ХХ century provided a technocratic intelligence, which allowed for adaptability inthe world driven by technological progress that could justify human greed, violence, absurdity and ignorance,as vices with “natural” origin. Up until now, human Mind and Soul have not been subjects of interest ineducation. In this paper, the author presents a new vision for education of children as spiritual beings, whoare developing high human virtues and values, such as: compassion, sympathy, nobility, generosity,honesty, harmony, love towards nature and fellow human beings. The author reveals the commonspiritual foundations of the ancient philosophies: Hermetism (the teaching of Hermes), Nagualism (the teachingof the ancient Toltecs), and Buddhism, as a joint basis for understanding high human nature and its divineorigin and values. The researcher outlines the connections between the knowledge in these philosophies andthe recent discoveries in quantum physics and the theories of the universe as consciousness. The reportproposes the author’s arguments on the integration of spirituality as a part of the education of ХХІ century.
Jun 16, 2016
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