The philosophical paradigm of sigmund freud

  • Slobodan Markovic


This paper discusses inexhaustible interweaving of psychoanalysis and philosophy in which thespiritus movens is mainly psychoanalysis. After defining philosophy in psychoanalysis over metapsychology,emphasized through a number of examples of significant philosophical , psychological and methodicalpotential of Freudian theory. The opposing conceptual couples are considered (interpretive-explanatory,causal-interpreting,hermneutical-scientific,scientific-symbolic,ontologically-epistemological). Perceiving theopinions of some philosophers come to the conclusion that the opposing couples are irreducible to oneanother, but they are not and irreconcilable, and compatibility seemingly bucking philosophical viewpointprovides just work emphasized epistemological-ontological dichotomicallity of Freudianpsychoanalysis.Diversity and richness of these theories is an amalgam of theories and practices, knowledge,and knowledge transfer.
Jun 16, 2016
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