Cotton Varyetyes Examination in Different Reones at the Republic of Macedonia

  • Dragica Spasova
  • Zoran Dimov


During the 2001 year in different regions at the Republic of Macedonia(Strumica, Kavadarci, Sv. Nikole) have been done examinations of twovarieties of cotton: Strumica105 created in the Institute of Southern Crops –Strumica, and the variety Bravo created in Greece.The experiments have been settled in six repetitions by random blocsystem, where each experiment plot occupied surface of 50 m2.According by the duration of the vegetation period Strumica 105 isearly-mature variety with vegetation period from 111 to 114 days in differentregiones, and the variety Bravo is also early-mature variety with vegetationfrom 126 to 128 days.In the regiones of examination the yield of the varieties Strumica 105was from 1.850 kg/ha in the St. Nikole to 3.100 kg/ha in the Strumica region.The yield of the variety Bravo was from 1.900 kg/ha in the Sv. Nikole to 3.500in the Strumica region. It was conclude that there was no difference in the yieldbetween domestic and the Greek variety to 217 kg/ha.


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