Morphological and Economical Characteristics of Several Lines of Cotton at the Area of Strumica

  • Dragica Spasova
  • P Egumenovski


During the 2000-2002 year examinations on 11 lines of cotton has beendone. The lines have been taken with continues individual choice from thecollection of cotton variety and the variety – Str.105, taken as a standard, fromthe Institute of Southern Crops – Strumica.The experiments have been settled in four repetitions by random blocsystem, where each experiment plot occupied surface of 10 m2.The results the showed that all lines, in the years of examinations,belongs to early-mature varieties of cotton. In the agro ecological conditions atStrumica the vegetation period of the exanimate lines of cotton is average 116-118 days.The line 5136 was with the best genetic potential for high yield ofbrutal cotton. In the years of examinations from this line has been yield inaverage 4.067 kg/ha brutal cotton, which is 12% more than the standardvariety.


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