• Mirjana Pachovska


Finding the appropriate words when a person wants to greet someone,
wish someone a birthday or initiate a conversation is a real art of words. Most of the
time in terms of the mother tongue these words are freely produced without much
of an effort as well, and are acquired from an early age effortlessly, however, when
learning a foreign language these expressions which are also called communicative
phraseological units (hereinafter: CFU), are either translated literally or learned by
heart or we even might not understand their meaning, therefore at times are left out.
Thus, it is indeed a fact that they represent a problem and are used sparingly, and
without them the learner of a foreign language cannot be a full-fledged member of a
language community where that particular language is used. The aim of this paper is
to explore the number and the type of the CFUs used in German as a foreign language
textbooks in our country. For the purposes of this research, all the examples from the
first lessons in the textbooks of primary and secondary education of the subject of
German as a second foreign language will be extracted.