• Igorcho Angelov


The current turbulent times have led economies to a major transition. Life has changed people, behavior, habits and acceptance of responsibilities. In addition, the educational has changed a system by which the younger generations are educated. Psychosocial development has changed of each individual. Overnight, we professionals in the pedagogical field had to take responsibility for work we had never done before. We have taken on the responsibilities of educating students at a distance. By doing so, we have changed the foundations of our education system. We are teachers we missed the interaction, the warm smiles and hugs of the students, we missed the everyday changes that the day brought us. The students missed our explanations, our smiles, facial expressions and gestures. In fact, we missed a lot of what makes us happy and cheerful at school.
In the first part of the paper, I describe the subject and substance that we will evaluate at a distance. In the second parts I present a case study of substance assessment in individual subjects we are learning in the 3rd grade of primary school (hereinafter primary school).
Key words: teleworking, forms, methods, verification, evaluation.