Language culture – a segment of language education

  • Violeta Nikolovska


This paper will focus on education in the teaching subject mother tongue at all levels: primary,secondary and higher education. We will take into consideration the contents taught within this course and howthese contents can be classified according to the scientific classification into scientific fields, areas anddisciplines. We will dwell especially on the scientific discipline of language. The contents studied in this areaare primarily contents in the area of mother tongue grammar (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntaxand morpho-syntax). We will point out the importance of the contents of the subject area of expression andcreation. These contents, as well as some of the contents taught in the subject of language, significantly affectthe shaping of pupils’ and students’ language culture. We will indicate that what students should achieve inclasses of the teaching subject mother tongue is not only a degree of linguistic education in the area ofgrammar, but also linguistic culture. The acquisition of language culture should become an important segmentin pupils’ and students’ language education since it will raise the level of their general culture and it will be animportant feature of them as future intellectuals. This paper will look into what contents language teachingshould include, that are related to the acquisition of language culture.
Jun 3, 2016
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