Communication in the teaching process. Interactive nature of communication

  • Valentina Vasileva


Too often training is seen primarily as a process in which under the guidance of a teacher thestudents learn a system of knowledge, skills and habits.Training is a specific type of communication, a process of actively targeted interaction betweenteacher and students, resulting in knowledge management, mastering of a specific activity, formation ofspecific knowledge, skills, habits and skills, and personal qualities.In recent decades, the didactic doctrine increasingly reveals the essence of learning from theperspective of the theory of pedagogical communication. Training is seen as a specific type, as organized in aparticular way communication.Pedagogical communication is secondary to everyday communication, official status, distinguishedwith its objectives, intentions, system and regulation. In this communication mutual influence and activecooperation between teachers and students, educators and students, adults and adolescents take place inorder to achieve the objectives of training and education. More generally pedagogical communication isdefined as communication between teachers and students, with a pedagogical purpose to define the tasks ofthe educational process.
Jun 6, 2016
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