Professional Development of the Teachers from the Angle of School Managers

  • Snezana Mirascieva


The paper focuses on the problem of teachers’ professional development and its relation to school management. The professional development of teachers is a common phrase that has actuality among educational experts. The role of the teacher in the development and progress of the community is determined by the teacher’s development. The teacher will monitor changes in the community, will apply new scientific knowledge, develop practice applying new teaching strategies and media depends on its development and ability for lifelong learning. Application of new teaching resources requires new teacher competencies. At the same time he gets rich and new roles that own personality. On the other hand, enhances teaching practice.This paper is an attempt to give a clear conceptual definition of the phrase determine how teachers’ professional development and its importance, structure and stages of development. Also in the paper will focus on forms and contents of the implementation of the professional development of teachers. When speaking of the teacher’s professional development is necessary to clearly define the competencies to which will be directed development. Also the teacher’s professional development is determined by several factors that affect the micro and macro level. Here the focus is on the relationship of the school manager and teacher professional development. Namely, one of the functions of the school manager Is a pedagogical function head which one segment refer specifically to the professional development of the teacher. Therefore of great importance for higher quality education in the school is to provide the conditions and opportunities for professional development of teachers.
May 28, 2013
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