• Silvana Pashovska
  • Trajko Miceski


Tobacco production, with its socio-economic significance, is a source of subsistence, engagement and income for a large part of the population, as well as income from the export of the state.  Over the past decade, the World Health Organization has made efforts to reduce tobacco areas through the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), but it succeeds only in developed EU member states, while in other parts of the world is not so.  That production is maintained at a stable level.This Framework Convention is aimed at addressing some of the world's important issues such as: illegal tobacco and tobacco products trade, control of harmful ingredients in cigarettes and tobacco smoke, retail, wholesale and international trade.

The Republic of North Macedonia does not envisage measures to reduce tobacco production because of the sensitivity and socio-economic aspect, this issue has been left on after Macedonia's EU entry in the EU when tobacco production plans align with the EU rules.

Tobacco production in Macedonia in the last few years is around 25,000 tons per year, whose real increase requires more human resources, which in the next period is not certain (there will be an aging of the population and the emigration of young people in the cities and abroad).  Threats always exist, which are different developments on the external market, competition from neighboring countries producing oriental tobacco (Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria), as well as from some far-eastern countries.  The spread of some new tobacco products that are not very dependent on tobacco production in the field, such as so-called electronic cigarettes and similar products, are also a real threat.

Keywords: strategy, subsidies, price policy, production trends, sustainable development


Jan 3, 2020
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