• Angela Zisovska
  • Trajko Miceski


In a situation where there is a growing amount of competition between the companies and a struggle to get the best available resources, the importance of the human resources is rising. Because of that, the top management in each organization has to pay attention in the process of attracting and keeping the most capable workforce. On the contrary, the organization has to see the specific situation, the nature of the business and the company processes before it establishes a suitable system. In the same time, the company must continuously follow the needs of the employees, regardless of the size of the company. By doing this, often, the management can find the fields that need improvement in the company and therefor find a way to motivate the employees better and achieve superior results. While the compensation without a doubt is of huge importance for the satisfaction of the employees, the research showed a massive mismatch of opinions between the management and the employees in terms of managing these systems.


Sep 12, 2018
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ZISOVSKA, Angela; MICESKI, Trajko. THE INFLUENCE OF PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR EMPLOYEES’ JOB SATISFACTION. Yearbook - Faculty of Economics, [S.l.], v. 10, n. 1, p. 61-79, sep. 2018. ISSN 1857- 8632. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 jan. 2020.