• Ivan Boev


The volcanic rocks formed during the Pliocene along transverse tectonic structures of Vardar strike are revealed on Kozuf and Kozjak Mts. in the southern marginal parts of the Tikves - Mariovo Tertiary basin. Volcanic activity is manifested by the occurrence of numerous volcanic heaps which basically represent frozen supply channel, and large masses of pyroclastiic materials.          

            Generally, the volcanic domes are distributed in a zone of east-northeast extension, most commonly on tectonic structures, in the places where they intersect older structures of northwest orientation (the Vardar strike). The transverse tectonic structures are of neotectonic age, formed in the Pliocene and lie parallel to the north margin of the Aegean valley between Thessaloniki and Kavala.

            Volcanic activity in Mts. Kozuf and Kozjak  is represented as various types of volcanic rocks and volcanoclasts (volcanic breccias, conglomerates and tuffs). Volcanoclasts occur as sedimentary layers in the southern parts of the Tikves- Mariovo Tertiary basin where they comprise the topmost parts of the sediments. In some places the volcanoclasts are 200 to 300 meters thick.

            Volcanic rocks are present as alkali basalt (small bodies), quartzlatites (delenites), andesite-latites (trachyandesites), transitional latite-quartzlatite and quartzlatite-latite (delenite-latite), as well as latite, trachyte, trachyrhyolites and rhyolites.

            The volcanic rocks of Kozuf and Kozjak Mts display greatest similarity to the series of volcanic rocks of the Buchim-Borov Dol ore district, both in their mineralogy and chemical compositions the only difference being in the time period of their formation. Namely, the rocks of Kozuf and Kozjak Mts. formed in the Pliocene, whereas those from Buchim- Borov Dol formed in the Upper Oligocene. The former are extrusive (and explosive), the latter are subvolcanic and subvolcanic to hypoabyssal facies which means that their individual upper parts are eroded deeper.


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