Meaning and Funktion of Genbank of Plant Genes in Ceeping of Genofond of Vegetable and Industrial Crops

  • Dobrin Jakimov
  • Mikica Cavdarova
  • Milan Gjeorgjevski
  • Mite Ilievski


From main reasons the importance of the gene bank at storaging and planning uses of genofondesis more important and actual in the world, as well as in our state. With the increasing of population of the mankind and the standard of leaving, creating a high yields, more quality, more resistant and homogeny sorts it is necessary. Creating new sorts is possible only if in the plant kind there is a genetic variability’s keep and to increase the genetic variability is not so easy and simple work to do, because each kind has it own specifics witch has to be known very well. Keeping the geophones in the bank of plant genes has a very important influence on the variability of the plant kinds. If the keepings not proper and the propagations not scientific done decreasing of variability of the genofond will be very possible.


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