Examination of Some Domestic and Introduated Varietioes of Cotton in the Agroecological Conditions at Strumica

  • Dragica Spasova
  • Dusan Spasov
  • Vasil Kocevski
  • Mite Ilievski


In the period of 1997-1998 in the agro ecological conditions at Strumica there were done the examinations with 10 sorts of cotton (5137, 5138, 5139, 5140 and 5141 – created at the Institute of Strumica and 539, 432, 603 644 and 425 - created in Bulgaria), and the aim was estimation of biological and agricultural characteristics of cotton.
The experiments were done with four repetitions in accidental block system and with size of experimental field parcel of 10 m2. All exanimate sorts drown in the agro ecological conditions at Strumica are classified in the group of middle early ripe, with vegetation period from 125 to 130 days. The yields of the dry cotton at the investigation years are from 2.200 kg/ha at the Bulgarian sort 425 to 3.408 kg/ha at the sort 432. With high randman from the domestic sorts are 5138 and 5141, and from the Bulgarian sort 644 and 539.


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