Yield Components and Yield of F1 Tomato Hybrids

  • Milan Gjeorgjievski
  • Dusan Spasov
  • Dragica Spasova
  • Mite Ilievski
  • Biljana Atanasova


Eight tomato hybrids, seven undervarieties (J x 15, J x45, J x Sp, Sp x J, Sp x J/1, Sp x 15, and J/1 x 15) and one commercial (Magnus), were tested on the number of fruits, average mass of the fruit from all pickings, and total yield. The hybrid J/1 x 15 had the largest number of fruits (22,7). The hybrids Sp x J and Sp x 15 had a larger average mass of the fruit (164,36 and 154,82 g. respectively) . Most hybrids had a higher total yield , while that of the hybrid J x Sp (79,6 t/ha) and Sp x J/1 , J/1 x 15 (76,0 t/ha) was signifi cantly higher. It was concluded that the hybrids tested were either at the same level or better than the checked ones. Therefore, they will be included in future selection programs.


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