The Effect of Fertalization and Climate Conditions on the Morphological Characteristics on Industrial Thomatoes

  • Vasil Kocevski
  • Sasa Mitrev
  • Dusan Spasov
  • Dragica Spasova


Since 1998 - 2000 year, on the field of Institute of Southern crops - Strumica, on alluvial soil with neutral soil reaction, needy reserve with humus and nitrogenous, middle reserve with phosphorus and potassium, has been investigated the middle dose of NPK fertilization , adequate quantities of Mn and Zn, and their effect on the morphological characteristics of industrial tomatoes, variety AT - 14-70. The results have been showed that the variant 5 with N100P100K100 + 1% Mn + 1%Zn = 625 kg/ha NPK + 185 kg/ha Uras - 27% N, in two feedings, had the best effect on morphological traits. The mineral fertilizers have increased the mass of the fruit on the average of three years - 102,82% to 112,61%. The fertilized variants gave fruits with 166,50 g - 179,00 g weight in better years, but in the worst climatic conditions the weight of the fruit was between 108,98 g and 120,38 g (1998) or on the average of 145,62 g.The fertilization mainly, did not have attached sufficient to other morphological characteristics on industrial tomatoes, variety AT - 14-70.


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