Micropropagation of Some Plant Species under in Vitro Conditions

  • Liljana Koleva-Gudeva


At the beginning of the XXI century, the perspectives of the plant biochemistry and physiology are focused on examining the capability of plant cells and tissue culture for vegetative propagation. The method of in vitro cultivation of plant cell and tissue cultures is used for vegetative propagation (micropropagation) of plants. The vegetative propagation of the plants under in vitro conditions enables to abbreviate the process of selection, enhance the genetic stability of plants and improve the production of healthy plants without virus infection. In this paper the results from the experimental work from the capacity of in vitro micropropagation of some plant species are presented. The results were obtained from different initial explants and on different hormonal medias, and were done at the laboratory of biotechnology at the Institute of Agriculture, Goce Delcev University – Stip.


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