The Effect of some Cytokinins on Pepper Organogenesis (Capsicun Annuum L. c.v. Kurtovska Kapija and Zlaten Medal) Cultured In Vitro

  • Liljana Koleva-Gudeva
  • Mirko Spasenoski


In this pepper are summarized some experimental results concerning the effectof some cytokininns on organogenesis and regeneration of pepper explants (apicalbuds) cultured in vitro. Two cultivars of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) were used asexperimental material cv. Kurtovska kapija, a red sweet and c.v. Zlaten medal, redsweet type. The bout types are highly popular in the R. of Macedonia, c.v. Kurtovskakapija is extensively grown in the southeaster region, while Zlaten medal is alsopresent in the northeaster part in Macedonia. The meristematic explants were isolatedfrom aseptically grown seedlings, than they were cultivated on MS medium(Murashige and Skoog 1962). The effect of cytokinines KIN, BAP and ZEA appliedin medium alone or with combination of auksins IAA and NAA was exanimate. After40 days we measured the percentage of callus formation, leaf rosettes formation androot formation. Depending on the concentration of cytokines and their combinationwith auksins, the percentage of callus formation, leaf rosettes formation and rootformation, was different for different combinations. The best results for organogenesisand regeneration on the both types of pepper were shown on the mediums with ZEA.For all examined mediums there was noticed a slight difference between sortsKurtovska kapija and Zlaten medal, on the organogenesis and regeneration effect.Key words: organogenesis, shoot culture, ZEA, BAP, KIN, IAA, and NAA.


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