Educational function of the school in contemporary society

  • Emilija Petrova Gorgeva
  • Mitko Kocev


А variety of factors are involved in raising children but the most important are: family and school, i.e.teacher. Among other factors peers, social environment, mass - media (especially TV), NGOs, and politicalparties have very strong influence, and, with the development of information society, the impact of differentsocial networks or the Internet is constantly increasing.So, we can state two types of influence: one that is spontaneous, unintentional, and the other -influence that is deliberate, intentional, with a specially emphasized purpose, tasks and means ofimplementation. In this context, the pedagogical thought distinguishes functional education (inadvertent,spontaneous impact) and guided, intentional impact which falls within the domain of intentional education.Intentional education is realized by the school or by the teacher, according to a specific program, with specificobjectives, tasks, methods and means.
Jun 14, 2016
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