Variability of Some Quality Characteristics in Wheat Seed

  • Verica Ilieva
  • Sasa Mitrev
  • Ilija Karov
  • Natalija Markova


Qualitative characteristics were examined of five varieties of soft wheat(mila, milenka, lepoklasa, radika and pobeda), prepared for sowing in 2011and 2012 year. The tests were applied over average samples collected outof ten randomly selected lots of C1 seed category on all five varieties. Theresults in this paper are related to total germination, abnormal seed, hard seed,fresh seed, dead seed, mass of 1000 grains and moisture content. The obtainedresults are within the prescribed legal values, indicating excellent seed quality.Total germination, mass of 1000 grains and moisture content have lowvariability (0,95%, 7,60% and 10,60% respectively).The abnormal seedshows high variability (43,02%), as well as the fresh seed (31,72%), hardseed is characterized with very high variability (62,76%), whereas dead seed ischaracterized with exceptionally high variability (132.72%).The tests were conducted in the Laboratory of Plant and EnvironmentalProtection, at the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection of theAgricultural Faculty in Stip. The laboratory is accredited in accordance withstandard EN ISO / IEC 17025:2006 for multiple methods, including methodsfor testing seeds quality of agricultural plants
Dec 26, 2012
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ILIEVA, Verica et al. Variability of Some Quality Characteristics in Wheat Seed. Journal of Agriculture and Plant Sciences, [S.l.], v. 11, n. 1, p. 47-58, dec. 2012. ISSN 2545-4455. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 12 july 2020.

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