Pests on Tomatoes Caused by Tomato Leaf Miner Tuta Absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) in Strumica Region

  • Dusan Spasov
  • Dragica Spasova
  • Biljana Atanasova
  • Vasil Mitev


The main goal of this research project is to understand the damage causedby the miner Tuta absoluta Meyrick and make a comparison between thetomato damage caused by the tomato leaf miner in the spring and summerharvests of tomatoes.According to our surveys the damages on tomatoes were much larger inthe second, apart from damaged tomatoes in the first harvest. Tomato plantsfrom the first harvest, most evident, had damages on the tomato leaves, andit is important to emphasize that on the tomato plants from the first harvestwere observed damages on the flower buds and fruits of tomatoes, but only inindividual cases.The damages caused by the tomato leaf miner on tomato plants from thesecond harvest of Minerva were visible at all organs of the plant. The damageswere considerable on the leaves, but significant damages were made on flowerbuds, and fruits of tomato plant. In this harvest, it can be said that damagescaused by tomato leaf miner T. absoluta, on this experimental plot were up100%.


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Tuta absoluta – Insect Profile.

Pests, Tuta absoluta.


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