Results of Examination of the Refuse in Conservation of Tomatoes and Pepper

  • Cavdarova Mikica
  • Dobrin Jakimov
  • Milan Gjeorgievski
  • Mite Ilievski


The dominant theme at the production on pepper and tomato in Republic of Macedonia is about 8 million kg. From this on the varieties for the conservation or for the industrial pepper belong over 4,5 million kg a year, while tomato partcipate with over 3 million kg. This production has problems with the refuse parts from the fruits. So, from the whole mass of the fruit of pepper, 15 – 18% is refuse: stem, placenta and seed. This organic mass contents matterials which have use in the components of the fooder. We also analized the watter, the ashes, the oils, the proteins and the fibers. Althought are determinated the contents of the particular parts at kapija and babura, in 100 g dry matery there is: 17,2% oils, 10,77% proteins, 4,84% ashes and 29,01% fiber. This method is done also at the variety babura and tomato. There are some specific results. The examinations are done by confirming methods and biometrical are proved.


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