Bacterial Crown of Grapes with Particular Devote on the Seedling Material

  • D Mihajlovic
  • Sasa Mitrev
  • P Jovancev
  • S Boshkov


The productions of healthy bedding material of grapes are extremelycomplex and responsible work, which needs high qualifications and knowledgefrom different aspects. Bedding material can transmit many diseases and pests,and has a bad influence in susceptibility, developing and fruitfulness in grapes. The some problem makes bacterial crown gall indicated byAgrobacterium tumefaciens. The bacterium with its products, affect themeristem tissues and develop tumor tissues. So, the bacterium has an indirectinfluence perturbing leaf vein and the root system. Diseased grafts have got aslow advancement and soon they decay.A bacterial crown gall of grape make problems in nursery planting too,as much as in vineyards and because of that, it has a treatment of extremelyeconomical significant disease.


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