Chemical Constituents of Pungent Spice Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) from Macedonian Origin

  • Vesna Rafajlovska
  • Renata Slaveska-Raicki
  • Liljana Koleva Gudeva
  • Sasa Mitrev
  • Mirija Srbinovska


In this paper the chemical constituents of the pungent spice pepperCapsicum annuum L. ssp. Microcarpum from Macedonian origin are estimated.Content of moisture, proteins and soluble sugars is 9.60%, 6.68% and 20.33%,respectively. Color capacity of the pungent spice pepper is 5.60 gcapsanthin/kg pepper dry matter.The influence of organic solvents on the pepper oleoresin extractionand contents of colored components and capsaicin content in it is also studied.The highest quantity of pepper oleoresin (25%) is obtained using ethanol asextraction means. In the pepper oleoresin extracted by diethyl ether the highestconcentration of color expressed as a capsanthin is determined. When n-hexaneis applied during pepper extraction, in the color extracted quantity the redfraction is 93.83% from the total color contents in the pepper oleoresin.According to the highest capsaicin content of 1.53% in the pepperoleoresin, benzene is most suitable as compared to the other investigatedextraction means.


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