Use of Learning Media in Music Education

  • Lence Nasev


The usage of numerous auditive, visual and audiovisual media in musiceducation classes is possible. Development of the contemporary information andcommunication technology sparked development of modern education technologyand learning media, which are accessible to the school teachers. The use of learningmedia during music education lessons increases pupils’ motivation.Such mediapromote curiosity, which enables a more successful transfer of music content. Theteacher has to apply various learning media, which trigger different feelings. Teachermust tend to choose the most suitable learning media to present the content in bestquality way and achieve targeted aims.Тhis paper focuses on the frequency and level of professional skills related tothe use of learning media by students at the Faculty of Education at “Goce Delcev”University, Shtip. We used a descriptive non-experimental method of empiricalpedagogical research. The results have shown that in the process of preparation andrealization of music lessons, students use various learning media: workbook, CDplayer, keyboards, rhythmic and melodic Orff instruments, computers, televisionsets, DVD players. In order to improve musical pedagogy, in terms of using learningmedia during music classes, we can emphasize the need for adequate professionaleducation of students.
May 30, 2013
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