• Tomcho Stojchev
  • Dejan Mirakovski
  • Marija Hadzi-Nikolova
  • Nikolinka Doneva


Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary science that studies problems ofadapting work to humans in order to increase productivity, occupational safetyand ease of operation. Ergonomics has great importance in proper designof eqiupment and actions that people use as well as design of working andliving environment. It aims to change the equipment that people use andthe environment in which they used as they would be better aligned withcapabilities, limitations and needs of the people through the application ofinformation about: human abilities and limitations, characteristics, behaviorand motivation.This paper provides an overview of ergonomic methods and techniquesthat enable a structured approach to the analysis and evaluation of problemsassociated with ergonomics design of workplace conditions and workingmethods.


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