• Nina Daskalovska


Palimpsest is a truly international journal for at least three reasons. First, it accepts papers in seven languages: Macedonian, English, Italian, French, German, Russian and Turkish. Second, the Editorial Board is composed of 30 editors who are all university professors from 17 countries not only from Europe, but also from other regions of the world. Third, the three previous issues of Palimpsest contain papers from authors from many different countries which contribute to the diversity of research studies, theoretical perspectives and viewpoints. The present issue follows the same fashion as it contains 21 papers from authors from Macedonia (Svetlana Jakimovska, Semina Bekir, Marija Leontik, Slavcho Koviloski, Ranko Mladenoski, Danche Stefanovska, İvona Stoyanovska, Stojanche Kostov, Petar Namicev, Ekaterina Namiceva, Violeta Dimova, Liljana Jovanovska, Marija Kusevska, Violeta Janusheva, Marija Grkova), Italy (Marco Mazzoleni, Gabriele Ottoviani, Ana Stefanovska, Giovanni Gualdani, Nicoletta Lepri), Croatia (Lorena Lazarić), Poland (Agnieszka Jóźwiak), Germany (Oliver Herbst), Canada (Christina Е. Kramer) and the Ivory Coast (Konan Koffi Syntor). This wealth of scientific papers certainly contributes to developing and broadening the emirical and theoretical knowledge in the four areas - linguistics, literature, culturology and teaching methodology.


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