Seed Production From Pepper Obtained in In Vitro Anther Culture

  • Liljana Koleva Gudeva
  • Fidanka Trajkova


The aim of these examinations was establishment of effective in vitrotechnology for study of haploid and diploid plant regenerants; induction ofembryogenesis in pepper anther culture; development of the embryos intoregenerants as well as successful adaptation and acclimatization of regenerantsfrom sterile to greenhouse conditions. Induction of somatic embryogenesis inanther culture in 12 from 19 exanimate genotypes of pepper was achieved.After successful acclimatisation of the regenerants under greenhouseconditions seed material from four pepper genotypes was collected: Piran,Kurtovska Kapija Sr, Zlaten Medal Sr and Féherözön. The collected seedmaterial is excellent possibility for further breeding processes, cytogenetics andother molecular level research.


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