Crisis and Critique of School System in 20-th Century (Historical Perspective)

  • Sonja Petrovska


Seen worldwide twentieth century was marked by expressed socio-cultural,economic, technological and scientific changes that necessarily imposed the needof deep and fundamental changes in the field of school education. In that context,education and school system were exposed on the criticism of those which in oneway or another are motivated and committed to care for the education of children andyoung people (parents, students, teachers, businessmen, politicians, scientists). Taking into account that the knowledge and experiences from the past are basicprerequisite for action in the present and visioning the future, we decided to analysisthe critical views and opinions of several experts and visionaries of school educationin the 20th century that reflected and are reflected in the concepts of developmentof school educational activities (scientific, professional, theoretical, practical) today.
May 30, 2013
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