Research in teaching practice

  • Snezana Jovanova-Mitkovska


Modernization and rationalization of the educational process is inconceivable without organizationand realization of pedagogical research. Scientist – researchers and policy-makers had primacy in theorganization and conduct of such research a few years ago. The changes that are going on in the area ofupbringing and education led to changes in the position and role of the contemporary teacher (teacher inprimary and secondary school, preschool teacher): the role of an instructor, advisor, coordinator, organizer,manager, reflective practitioner, innovator, researcher etc. Changing and innovation in educational practice isunthinkable without conducting specific research in which teachers will be researchers.Appropriate methodological literacy is necessary for the realization of this role, which teachers shouldacquire during their initial education and further enhance it, by way of their direct involvement in specificresearch in the role of an assistant researcher or partner, and after that in the realization of their own research(role of organizer or leader of the research).In the article we present some theoretical considerations concerning the role and importance of the empirical,applied research in educational practices. We also present the results of the realized research that refers to theviews and opinions of teachers (teaching staff from the first and part of the second cycle of nine-year primaryeducation) about the contribution applied research will bring to the development of the educational, teachingpractice.
Jun 16, 2016
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