Foreign language classroom anxiety

  • Marija Todorova
  • Vesna Koceva


This paper analyzes the phenomenon of inquietude i.e. anxiety among university students in learningforeign languages. It also determines the causes of anxiety and the negative effect on the students’achievement, i.e. their success.For the purposes of this paper, an anonymous survey of 50 students was conducted in attendance ofthe interviewer, i.e. the teacher. They are studying Spanish and Italian as a second foreign language at theFaculty of Philology – UGD. The obtained results show that the anxiety among students causes uncertainty,distraction, low self-esteem, lack of desire to attend classes and to learn the foreign language. The purpose ofthis paper is to emphasize and to highlight the negative impact of anxiety on the students’ achievement and toencourage each teacher to reduce or eliminate this feeling among students in order to achieve positive resultsin learning a foreign language.
Jun 6, 2016
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TODOROVA, Marija; KOCEVA, Vesna. Foreign language classroom anxiety. Faculty of Educational Sciences, [S.l.], p. pp. 75-81, june 2016. ISSN 1857- 8810. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 july 2020.

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