• Ivana Velesanova
  • Fidanka Trajkova
  • Liljana Koleva Gudeva


Petunia (Petunia sp.) and pink dianthus (Dianthus sp.) are important ornamental plants which are grown on balconies, in flower gardens, parks and other during summer period. Approximately 156 ornamental species are cultivated via tissue culture in different commercial laboratories worldwide. In vitro plant culture is one of the key tools in plant biotechnology that utilizes the totipotency of plant cells. In this research the influence of different concentrations and combinations of BA, GA3, IAA и NAA on meristem buds and cotyledons of petunia and pink dianthus as starting explants was studied. During the research development of starting explants was observed and certain changes were noted. The meristem buds cultivated on MS medium supplemented with certain growth regulators responded with development of callus firstly, and then leaf rosette and shoots. On the other hand, the meristem buds of pink dianthus developed merely shoots. All combinations of growth regulators under this study resulted in development of roots from shoots in pink dianthus, while in petunia, only the medium MS + 2 mg/l BA + 0,1 mg/l NAA stimulated root development in already formed shoots. The newly regenerants were acclimatized with their transfer to sterile mix of perlite and peat (1:1) in high moisture conditions. These research is base for further research on improvement of regeneration of different starting explants not only of petunia and dianthus, but also in other ornamental species.


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