• Darko Andronikov
  • Aco Kuzelov
  • Julijana Sazdova
  • Kiro Mojsov
  • Aco Janevski
  • Sоnja Jordeva
  • Saska Golomeova Longurova


As a material for this research we used hybrids of crossed individuals of the so-called Flemish giant rabbit and New Zealand white rabbits (group ON), who fed ad libitum with industrially pelleted food. The study included six rabbits, three male and three female. The defined live weight of 1800 to 2500 g of the rabbits was achieved in 77 days, after which the rabbits were slaughtered. The paper presents the results of the research on fattening and slaughtering properties, as well as determining the utilization of rabbit meat. The average live weight of male rabbits was 2792 g, and randman was 47.92%, while for female rabbits the average live weight was 2695 g and randman was 48.61%. The average share of the back of the carcass in male/female rabbits was 28.02% and 27.34%, on the dorsal part was 20.93% and 22.65%, while on the front of the carcass was 25.26% and 25.39%.


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