• Svetlana Jakimovska


Dear reader, This is the fifth issue of the international scientific journal Palimpsest which enters the third year of its existence. The slow but sure steps forward that we as editors accomplish with each new issue of the journal confirm our conviction that we were on the right track when we laid down its foundations. Namely, led by the idea of our patron Goce Delchev that “the world is only a field for cultural competition among nations”, we believed that the pages of our journal, through the exchange of ideas and knowledge, would create a new space for cultural and scientific competition. In that spirit we decided to publish articles in many languages (English, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Russian), certainly nurturing, above all, out native Macedonian language. In that spirit was the decision to publish articles not only from Macedonian but from foreign authors as well whose interest in the journal grows with every new issue.


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